Sunday, January 09, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

So tonight I am enjoying the last few hours of my weekend. I guess I ought to be doing some work but since I have the lesson plans made and the dishes washed, I'm just hanging out. I need to be getting ready for bed. The weather forecasters are, as Granddaddy used to say, "hollerin' snow." I am not getting my hopes up because not much is more disheartening than planning for an extra day off and waking up to see the car uncovered, as it is now. The ground is actually covered with snow, from yesterday. I want to wake up and see more snow on the car than in the yard...and most importantly, more on the road than in the yard also.

I know, for those of you who still have to work tomorrow, that is mighty selfish of me but if you knew...well, if you were in my shoes you'd want snow too. Besides, I've had to drive down "the Ridge" when it was a solid sheet of ice, in the middle of the night when most of you were sleeping, and had to spend the night in a motel on Dickerson Road because there was 7 inches of the stuff and I was on call...that night was not one of my fondest memories. But the motel was not that bad, it was one by the interstate.

My voice isn't quite "100" as they say (I would put it at about 70 on Wednesday morning, 60 on Thursday morning, and 40 on Friday afternoon). But, since I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER TODAY than I have in a month or more, I will be all right if I HAVE to go tomorrow.

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