Wednesday, January 07, 2009

On the sunny side

Is that SUN I see outside my window?

Just a quick update while I finish my coffee this morning.

Last night I was up late updating my web pages. I have many. My own personal corner of the web is extremely tangled. I sat there looking at it last night and thinking, can I UNTANGLE this mess? I think so. It may take the rest of my life, but I can do it.

I have two main sites, my music page (, which is new, and my old site,, which has many directories and subdirectories and duplicate directories and - you get the picture.

The new page is fine. It may need a tweak or two but it's good. I only need to make two changes, one, to add a form mail page and the other, to move my MP3 files to another site so as not to blow out my bandwidth. The old site has a bunch of bandwidth, so that's where I need to move them.

The old site has lots and lots of pages and lots and lots of links and a lot of them are outdated and broken. My computer is even more clogged up, if you can believe that - and you probably can - so I am trying to clean two directories at once as I go. So the cleanup process is going to be a long one.

Eventually, the site will be like this:
The main index will be

A. It will have links to my music page, my blog, and my MySpace page.

B. The classic country memories site will be divided into four sections:

  1. Hee Haw
  2. other classic country music shows,
  3. other classic TV shows,
  4. and my writing, both fiction and non-fiction.

C. Then there will be another section for my laughter pages, which will include:

  1. the old laughter pages (at least the ones I don't purge from my archive. I am cleaning house, and anything that is just totally stupid is out the door!)
  2. and the royalty project.

D. I will have another directory to add information to the singingbush site, like those MP3s that the other site's not really designed to handle.

Then everything that doesn't need to be there is going to the recycle bin...all those pictures of albums no longer available on Amazon, duplicate pages within the site, etc.

And then there's one more thing. I'm going to design my own "File Not Found" page that says, "Oops! You broke the Internet!"

I feel very self-centered this morning. It has all been about shameless self-promotion lately, to me. I know it's not really all about me. I don't want it to be. It is just...rehearse for this, schedule that, send a CD here, send an email there...I see why people say stardom is not all it's cracked up to be. And I am not even a star!!! And all this webpage updating makes me think, who do I think I am, some kind of writer? But I can't deny the reality that my Hee Haw page still gets, on the average, 100 new visitors every day. That blows my mind.

Actually I think this is all going to free up more time to be more productive both in doing the things I need to be doing (like more writing) and also to do more for other people (already I'm baking bread, doing more visiting, able to do more for & with the kids & Randy, stuff like that). Once I finish this site cleanup I am going to have a lot easier time updating pages.

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