Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lifestyles of the not so rich and famous

Yes, I did steal that line for my blog.

I am having a good hair day! It's a good thing too because today I have my very first real on-my-own-outside-my-home-church gig. I am hoping for the best!

Unfortunately, the older I get the fewer good typing days I have. I used to be great! Now I misspell about half of what I type. Fortunately I am pretty good at spotting this and correcting it right away but I amaze myself at how many errors I make! For example: I have, in the 5 minutes I've been writing this, misspelled and corrected the words "hair," "best," and "fewer." I failed to capitalize "Now" and "I've." That is not a good record! (And for the record, since I stopped counting those other words, I misspelled record both times I typed it, as well as the word misspelled, and since and times.) I could do a lot of writing if I didn't have to do so much correcting!

Well, I have been fairly busy updating the websites lately. Jon Hager, from Hee Haw, passed away last week. The visitation is today in Nashville. I am not going. If it were any other day of the week, I probably would because I park about five blocks from that funeral home to go to work, but I'm off today & have my "gig" in the opposite direction! But my thoughts are with his family and friends and fans. I had a lot of fans & curious folks visiting my site this weekend.

I also took Rachel to Murfreesboro to audition for the Governor's School of the Arts on Saturday. She thought the audition went well, but of course she is sitting on pins and needles waiting to see if she gets in. It would be a great thing for her to get a scholarship if she does make it. Say a prayer!

Well, it is time to get ready to go do this. I am singing for some folks at a little nursing home near my home. It isn't a big gig but I am a little anxious about it. I think it will be good practice for me and I hope it is a blessing to them. Later!

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