Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year to All!

I have about 10 minutes to spare this morning so here I am. I have a new website to tell you about. The URL is and it's the beginning of what will be my music website. I still have to add pictures, and to figure out how to add MP3s, but it is off to a nice start. Actually, I need to edit something on it, so I guess I only have 5 minutes now.

Musically, things are going great right now. I am singing for a couple of local nursing homes in the next month, and this excites me. After Granny's few weeks in a nursing home I really feel for people who are in there and can't go anywhere. A lot of them love music but can't go see any performers, and there are a lot of them who don't have a DVD player or don't know how to use one.

(Kind of like I don't know how to text without looking at the cell phone in annoyance. They finally found something electronic that I can't do. Or, at least, I can't do very well.)

Anyway, I am looking forward to giving those good folks a little distraction from their long and lonely days. I think it will be good for me too, and not just as a way for me to hone my entertainment skills. A few weeks ago I went to visit my great-aunt and -uncle in Ridgetop and it was as much a blessing for me as for them. They are so entertaining. The story of that would take another day to write!

I also took them a copy of the demo CD I made, which they LOVED and immediately asked for more copies of, to give to other relatives. It was what I call "Sampler 3.0" because it was the third one...I made a copy of three songs I did here at the house with Audacity & my accompaniment tracks, then I got three done at the studio at Opry Mills, then I took those together & put them on one. Now I am on "4.0" because I re-did one of my songs that I did here at home. I like the mix much, much better. Anyway, I am trying to figure out how to put clips of those on my website. In time!

My time has run out this morning! I have to go with Derek to his wrestling "banquet." They are "rock" climbing in Nashville! After that we are going to a movie. More later.

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