Wednesday, June 04, 2008

When somebody dies, I clean house

I don't mean for it to be that way. It just is. I am not usually compulsive, but sometimes it just hits me.

Today a friend from college passed away. We were not close - we actually parted ways on not the best of terms - but I had still hoped he would have a happy life. Until two months ago, his life had appeared to be happy. He was the picture of health. Then, a serious, sudden infection nearly killed him, & after a long recovery process, he looked to be on the road to recovery. But this week, a new infection took his life.

His 40th birthday took place during the ordeal.

It has been hard for my friend Cindy, who knew him a lot better than I did. Her grandmother died last week. Cindy spent her 39th birthday at the funeral home.

My life is busy, as always. I'm off work today & at the salon with Derek, who just got a haircut. The dress rehearsal is tonight, the concert tomorrow. A lot going on!

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