Saturday, March 22, 2008

Promises, promises

Well, in my last blog entry, I said "tomorrow" I had other things to write. Then I didn't write for, oh, a month, I guess? Anyway, I know that's no way to keep readers interested. I don't do a really good job of that anyway!

Life has been crazy busy, as usual. Mostly, life has been good, although Derek has been really sick. I, too, have had some sickness, in the form of strep. Before that my blood sugar was all crazy & my body rebelled. Fortunately, this morning I woke up feeling like myself again.

So, since my last entry, I have had a lot to write about. I made another one of those road trips to Kentucky by myself. I drove to Owensboro in the snow on March 7. I went to the Give God Glory concerts. This was two nights of some of the biggest names in Southern Gospel. It was fun, especially that Friday night concert - Gold City, the Perrys, the Hoppers, & more. I almost didn't make that because of the snow!

On Saturday night, most of the former Crabb Family (originally from O'boro) was there. My favorites that night were the Isaacs. Their style is mostly bluegrass.

I also went to Moonlite - my favorite restaurant in the world. I shopped, worked out, & went to music stores. I enjoyed the trip, but I hated being by myself the whole time. I did not feel unsafe (well, except on that snowy ride up there) but I guess I just got put off balance by the looks of my friends & co-workers who knew I was traveling alone.

I went to Victory Church that Sunday. I enjoyed that, too, though I suspect that wasn't one of the usual services there because so many people stayed home because of the snow. By that time the main roads were clear, but many of the back roads were still slick. At any rate, I thought Pastor Kris did a great job & his wife is an awesome singer.

Not long before my trip, I got an interesting email from a lady in Nashville who told me about finding someone I mentioned in a previous entry. Now, I still haven't written to them, but I have an email

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