Thursday, March 27, 2008

More You Tube for everyone!

Randy & I are working on singing a couple of songs at our church's homecoming in May. One of the songs we want to do is "Less of Me" by Glen Campbell. When I picked out the song I had only heard it done by the Oak Ridge Boys, but after we started listening to Glen's version, I decided I wanted to hear more of his music again. Coincidentally, a lady who works around the corner from me was playing his greatest hits one morning shortly after this. When I went to Owensboro I found a CD in a used record store but it was awful; it was all his hits recorded in the mid 1970's with him ad-libbing. So, I took it back & traded it in for a double-CD set of Anne Murray.

Anyway...the other day I read in the paper about someone watching YouTube videos of Glen Campbell with Bobbie Gentry, & I knew I had to make time to do the same. So here you go. If you like Glen, or if you just think you might find him interesting, you really ought to search for all his videos on YouTube. Yes, in the 70's he was the Rhinestone Cowboy & he was involved with Tanya Tucker. But don't listen to him because of that. Listen to him because the man could sing, and play guitar, and write great songs. And he wasn't hard to watch back then either. (I don't like watching him later when he had the beard & all that stuff. I like facial hair all right, but he didn't really need it. The sideburns were plenty.) He picked great songs by other people too. He is still performing although I think these days he is slowing down a little. But heck, he ought to be able to slow down if he wants to.

Here are my favorites of the ones I saw tonight:

I had to post that one.

And then there's this one. I grew up being a big Beach Boys fan, too, & Glen was a Beach Boy for a short period of time. Sometime in that period, Brian Wilson wrote this song which Mike Love chose not to record. I don't know why it wasn't a hit for Glen (& it may have been, but it wasn't what got him a TV show of his own). It is amazing. Brian even says "Awesome" during this...describing Glen's vocals. Well, watch it for yourself.

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