Saturday, September 22, 2007

are you proud to be a War Eagle?

The next line in the cheer is, "Yes, we are." The War Eagles of Sycamore HS did not do such a pride-inspiring job last night, getting beat really, really bad by Pearl-Cohn. But the homecoming ceremonies were beautiful & fun.
I do not have pictures of the homecoming ceremony yet but here is a photo of Rachel & her escort (& her daddy, behind the wheel) in the parade on Monday. She looks like she is leading a cheer. She is not a cheerleader! We did that back in the elementary school days.
Mom came to the game & I thought she looked really good - healthier than she has in a long time. She didn't stay for the game. She didn't miss much there. I stayed because by the time we got through the National Anthem it was 7:30, & there was no point in going back to Greenbrier to get there after the visitation period ended. Besides, a boy from our church was part of the halftime festivities, & his family was sitting right behind us. I'm sure they would've understood if we left after Rachel's portion, but like I said, at that point, it didn't make much sense to leave.
We go back to the funeral home at 12 today. It just seemed unreal until we got there. In a way I thought, no, they were calling us about the wrong person. Someone else died. It wasn't her. They will call us & tell us it was someone else. But no, it was really her. She didn't look like herself, but she looked peaceful, & better than she did the last time we saw her.
I read with great joy the report of Carla's daughter Annie being restored to health. Praise God! As a health care professional, I struggle with the knowledge that sometimes the very medications we use to heal can actually harm. It is such a fine line.
Though I bear no malice toward anyone for Granny's passing - she is home & at peace - I can't help but think those pain medications accelerated the process. Her taking them at home led to the fall that led to the hospitalization that led to the "temporary" nursing home placement. Did those people give her more than she needed? If they did, I believe it was because they wanted her to be free from pain. I know it is hard to see someone hurt. I know she did not want to be in pain.
When Randy's dad died, it was a similar situation. He was sick a long time, but he, like Granny, had an infection for which they gave antibiotics & pain medication. They gave him too much pain medicine, & his breathing suffered, & his condition deteriorated rapidly. My other Granny died after a year of taking huge doses of Prednisone & having every side effect in the PDR. Medicine is a great thing, but it cannot do everything. On the other hand, God can.

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