Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Then sings my soul. . .

Did you know that Elvis' gospel albums were his biggest sellers? Well, of course you did, because you have seen the infomercial!

God would still be great, even if He hadn't provided me with "Job X." That's right, I got it! Now that it is no longer a secret, I will give more details. It is a position doing what I do now, but at Vanderbilt University. I will be one of four technologists, doing many more cases a day, but with more people & more equipment. I am excited. And thankful!

I had actually begun to make peace with the idea that I wouldn't get the job. But, I definitely see God's hand in this. I believed He would provide us with enough to give good gifts at Christmas. I believed He would provide us with enough to enjoy a trip to Washington, DC next summer. I believed He would help me lose weight.

I will have almost a mile walk from the parking lot to the office. They DO have shuttles, but as I recall from my days as a student, when we parked over there, it's often quicker to walk. So that's what I'm going to do, unless it's storming or raining hard. I am terrified of lightning & don't want to be drenched.

It is going to be a BIG change. I look at it as a good thing, though. I enjoy that drive, believe it or not. Also, it will make the off hours a little easier to enjoy because we won't be quite as stressed trying to stay afloat.

Actually, I should say God is making it easier to enjoy our off hours!

Well, the busy life has begun. Since I am leaving before my replacement comes, I have to do as many studies as I can between now & then. It promises to be busy. But it will be worth it in the end.

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