Thursday, July 05, 2007

Two in one day!

In reading my blog tonight I realized that I left out some things. In order to make everything make sense, I will briefly talk about what I left out.

I had a paralyzing day at work the Friday after my vacation. It took me 11 days to get over it. Really. I was almost to the point of crying every morning, dreading my workday.

I probably shouldn't go into any detail to describe what happened. It was a complicated mess of things - too many things going on at once. They were mostly small things, but - well, it was just a bad, bad, horrible, no good day. The next few days at work were tense & hard. At times, I wanted to use my bare hands to do the devil's work!!! It is over now, thank God. It would do no good to open up old wounds that are finally looking partially healed up. No patients were hurt in the process & I still have a job. I may never completely relax & trust everyone there again & I will probably always be looking over my shoulder, but I do like it there again. Especially since I am off for the next three days.

Now on with life.

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