Monday, July 09, 2007

Listen to your heart

As I am writing this, I am unable to type a title in under "title." So, hopefully by the time you are reading this, I will have that fixed. If not, well, I'm going to call this one "Listen to Your Heart."

That's a whole lot easier said than done. If I followed my heart, I might change jobs once a week. Maybe more often than that. I've followed my heart all the way to over-my-head debt, trying to start my own business & be my own boss.

I pass the old tea room in Pleasant View on a regular basis. It's been sitting empty for 10 months now...still for sale...& every time we go by it Rachel says, "I wish I could have a bakery there." Of course, she will be a sophomore when school starts next month. I don't think the bakery's coming soon.

I think a bakery would be a good thing to have in Pleasant View, though I'm afraid if that happens it'll be someone else's investment, not mine. I know running a bakery is no picnic. I've seen how that works. I do love to bake but I'm afraid I'd hate it if paying my mortgage depended on it.

I am running out of time to write tonight. I've spent this evening taking R to piano, putting a new ringtone on my BlackBerry (not as easy as giving Cingular $1.99) and making sure the bills are going to get paid. Now I need to go to bed. So...maybe I'll write more about what's on my heart later.

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