Thursday, July 05, 2007

Midlife crises & such

Well, I feel a lot better these days. I've been busy, but not terribly so.

I originally planned to see Jeff & Sheri Easter Tuesday night in Hopkinsville, but after work, I decided I wasn't in the mood to go to the fair. Instead, I went to the Bridge Ministry in Nashville. I'm glad I did, & I'll go back! But probably not tonight. More about that in a minute.

I didn't celebrate big for the 4th. Randy's mom took him & his sister to Metropolis yesterday. I was not happy. I don't like to spend holidays at home by myself. After doing a little housework, I got Derek to go with me to Port Royal for a little while. It was nice. I will have to write more about Port Royal sometime. Then I took Rachel to her friend's house so they could go to the big show in Nashville. Before I knew it Randy was home & we watched a movie before I went to bed.

I have to work today, but Randy's off. So, I left him sleeping.

Since I got off the Zoloft & on the CPAP, I have more energy. Alas, I have lost no weight, but I haven't gained. I also feel a sense of urgency about life. I am 40 already & so my life may be more than half over. I may yet have a lot of time left, or I may not, but I have no time to waste. Unfortunately I don't relax as much as I used to. But I feel better physically.

I guess that's one reason I went to the Bridge. I figured that would be something I could do to help other people. When I look at my life I see I could've done so much more for Christ. Oh, I've helped here & there, sang a little, & taken my kids to church, but I could've - & should've - done more.

I may try to get on the worship team at some point, but I really don't mind handing out clothes & food. I think I'd want to do both. I can't go tonight, unless Randy volunteers to take Rachel to piano. But I will go back.

If for no other reason, I will go take them some t-shirts & other short-sleeved ladies shirts. I could not believe that when I reached in the box all I found were long-sleeved tops. It's July. These people don't have air conditioning. They're lucky if they have a roof. It was sad.

Well, I need to work now. Later!

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Genevieve said...

I think the fair in Hopkinsville is still on tonight so you have one last chance to attend. :)