Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's been such a long time

But in a way, it seems like just yesterday when I stuck my head in the labor & delivery room at Nashville Memorial Hospital to visit my cousin Kenny & his wife (at the time) as they awaited the birth of their daughter Jessica. I didn't get to be there for the birth, just for a quick visit between school at Vandy & my job at the drug store.

Jess is officially a graduate of Greenbrier High School tonight. Though we didn't get to go, I'll be seeing them all Saturday night at the graduation party.

On another busy day that same year, Randy became an uncle. His niece, Brittany, graduates tomorrow afternoon.

Just before that, in the same gym, our neighbor Jessie will also graduate. Their final choir performance last week brought me to tears. He's kind of like one of mine.

It is hard to believe I am that old!

Tonight I stood in the front of the church with a microphone again. I was practicing for my "comeback" this Sunday. I started to warm up to it. I think I can get used to it pretty quick.

It is truly my desire to sing in front of people again. And I have no desire to sing anything but gospel music. I fear getting to a point where I can't sing. But, if Mary Tom Speer can still do it (and do it well!), maybe I still have a few good years left in me.

The Rock Star is playing tomorrow & Saturday. Tonight he's loafing with the boys. Last night he hung around with us, & he will tomorrow as well, during the day at least.

I have to go - got to sleep & find the request for the mammogram I'm scheduled for in the morning. And I forgot to have my films sent from Skyline! Eek! Well, I'm sure that can be done later. I haven't had time to pick them up anyway.

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