Friday, May 25, 2007

There are no strangers

First line of the chorus of "Orphans of God," by the Talley Trio. I really want to go see them Sunday night. If I do, it will probably be by myself. But, that's OK. I would call someone like Miranda or Cindy, but they'd have to drive from Nashville. And Lynn would have to bring her kids, & mine wouldn't be there & - well, I'll probably just go by myself.

I haven't been to a gospel personal appearance in years. I don't really remember how it's done. I'm almost as curious to see that aspect of it.

I'm waiting for my mammogram right now. Hopefully, I can get Rachel to the Dunn Center by noon. I really hope so. I am so close to having all this together. But it's kind of scary - what if I can't pull it off? What if they take too long? I am nervous.

Later now. . .

I called Randy & he took her to the Dunn Center. That's where her high school's seniors, then later, my niece's class, will be graduating. Rachel's in choir & they're singing. So after I get my lunch, I'll head over there myself.

I see that soon, McDonald's will start offering DVD rentals. What's next? Church services? A florist?


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