Monday, May 21, 2007

wow! three posts in one day

All right. I saw this list in someone else's blog & being the open book sharing type person that I am, I thought I would come up with 8 random facts about myself.

1. I could read when I was two years old. No, really, I could! And believe it or not, there are actually still people in this world who can vouch for me! As for me, I do not remember being a two-year-old reader. I do not, however, remember NOT knowing how to read.

2. I had my wisdom teeth - all THREE of them - until I was 32 years old. They never erupted & I wouldn't have had them cut out then except that the oral surgeon convinced me that one of them was causing the tooth next to it to rot. And, so far, it has rotted no more since.

3. I have lived in this house for 13 years. That's six years longer than I lived anywhere else in my life prior to moving here. And one of those locations was a mobile home, which we moved to a different location while we lived in it.

4. I don't really have a favorite color. I have several favorites. Hunter green, bright orange, red, and electric blue. Oh, and hot pink, most shades of purple, & black. And brown. And gray.

5. My parents were married for nine months & seven days before I was born. Legally, they were married for twenty-eight years, six months, & four days after that. I don't know for sure when they separated - I didn't live with them then.

6. I have been married for seventeen years, eight months, and twenty-eight days. And counting!

7. My middle name is Leigh. My daughter's middle name is Leigh. My dad's middle name is Lee. His uncle's middle name was Lee. We have no idea where it came from before that.

8. My son's middle name is Randall. My husband's middle name is Randall. His uncle's middle name is Randall. We have no idea where it came from before that.

I can do trivial information all night. Oh, I could be scary with that stuff. But Rachel wants to burn a CD so I guess I will go away now.

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