Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's a beautiful morning!

And, so I hear on NewsChannel 5, it's gonna be a beautiful day! In a way, all days are beautiful. I've been looking forward to a nice, sunny, comfortable day though. It's been too cool, or windy, or rainy, or something to be comfortable outside for a couple of weeks now. So I plan to get out there & enjoy this day.

I had a strange dream last night. I think it was brought on by being pulled in too many directions at once. That, & the fact that Derek forgot I was picking him up after school yesterday, so he rode the bus home. Meanwhile, I was at the school with smoke spewing out of my ears because I couldn't get to the elementary school in time to meet the bus because the traffic is SO bad in Pleasant View in the afternoons. I had plans to take him to a store in Ashland City before picking up the dog at 4:30 in Pleasant View, but I had to go the 8 miles in the opposite direction to the house. Well, things worked out. When Randy got home, he took Derek shopping (which is something I hate to do anyway), & Rachel & I went to pick up Bonnie.

In my dream we were visiting Randy's great-aunt, recently widowed, who lived behind a park. (In reality, he DOES have a great-aunt who was widowed within the last year. She doesn't live near a park, to my knowledge. My mom & grandfather do, though.)

Derek was playing football in said park with a junior pro league. I went with one of the other moms (who lives near us, in real life) to a house where some of the moms were sitting by windows, watching their sons play, but most were in other rooms sitting around gossiping. The mom who took me there just left me with this group of women I barely knew. (In real life, this would probably happen; this mom is kind of like that.) The ones who were friendly to me were the "snobby" moms; the more down-to-earth moms (whom I'd probably really be more comfortable with) were snobby to me.

After a while, I decided to find Randy & Rachel. I'm not sure what Randy was doing but Rachel had gone with some of her friends to work at this store downtown (which looked more like Goodlettsville, which in reality is a lot further away than it was in the dream). I called Randy & asked him to meet me. Then I thought I'd drive downtown & get Rachel & then meet Randy. But instead of being a short drive (as I thought it would be in the dream), traffic there was awful (ha! just like Pleasant View) because they were having some sort of festival (which, in real life, is happening in downtown Clarksville this weekend). So I try to call Randy to let him know, but his cell phone is in the truck with me. I try calling Rachel, but someone else has her phone. I go to Rachel's workplace. I can't get hold of her - she's in another location. Finally, I get Rachel when a bus arrives, carrying employees from one work locale to another. I was letting Rachel have it for not keeping her cell phone nearby when the mom who took me to the football mom house appears out of nowhere & says, "I need you to come with me." I said, "I know Randy's mad, but he needs to hear what happened." When I got to him, he was yelling & really letting me have it. Then the alarm went off. What a relief!!!

The moral of the story: who knows??? It was just a dream, right???

Well, I'm not going to analyze my dream, or anything else for that matter. I think, instead, I'll go outside & get the paper & let the pets out for some sunshine. I'm still a little sleepy.

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