Sunday, April 29, 2007

happy anniversary baby, got you on my mi-i-ind

Twenty years ago today Randy & I became a couple. Oh, wait a minute. That would be 20 years ago yesterday,'s officially 4/29 here. But it's 4/28 somewhere. Anyway, as is usually the case on anniversaries, only one of us is home - tonight it's me. Randy is being a Cheatham County Rock Star at one of his Cheatham County classmates' birthday party. The 40th. Yes, I know. It is rapidly - very rapidly - approaching. If the gap between this blog & the next is as long as the one between this one & the last, I'll be 40 when I blog again.

I went out & spent a bunch of money today buying shoes. It's sales-tax-free weekend, for clothing & school supplies anyway. (Here in TN we normally pay a rather exorbitant sales tax on everything, including food.) I was NOT the only person who had the idea to shop today. The mall was jam-packed. I won't go into all the horrible things I saw there - suffice it to say that when we finally made our purchase, I was good & ready to get out of there.

This week has gone by quickly & it has been somewhat eventful. I pulled some strings & got the results of my CPAP titration done a few weeks ago. I am waiting on the doctor's office to get me my very own machine with all the bells & whistles, but meanwhile I am using Randy's old one. I love the Internet. Using it, I learned how to reset the machine so it's on MY pressure instead of Randy's. I know some people hate the things & I do have my middle-of-the-night moments when I can't get comfortable with it, but the very next day I saw a huge difference, & I really see a lot of improvement already. The next morning on my way to work I not only didn't have to fight sleep, but I actually noticed things I'd never paid attention to before!!! Now, granted, I need to discipline myself to get enough TIME to sleep right now...that's my plan for TOMORROW night. Yeah, famous last words, I know. But tomorrow between morning church & evening church I will be here watching the Talladega race (Sterling starts 4th!!! First time in a long time he's been that close to the pole!!!) - hopefully for the whole thing - & that will be a good time to rest up - & maybe finish up my laundry before this rather eventful upcoming week.

One afternoon this week I got an e-mail from a fellow named Barry who went to school with me & as it turns out way back (at least 7 generations ago) there are some family connections. Now, where we grew up, I always heard most of us in Ridgetop & Greenbrier were "kin" but now I am starting to believe it. I couldn't believe all the names I recognized in his family tree. He's a descendant of one of the founders of Ridgetop. My family's been there for at least 7 generations (really, I think most of them were around before the town became a town). His ancestor married into one of the families I came from.

I used to be really into the collection of family history, but most of the time the present day takes most of my time & attention. And sometimes, the future does too. Truthfully, I started writing these things down & looking this stuff up because (1) I want the future generations of our family to have this information in case they need it & (2) I just have a lot of fun digging up old records, looking at old newspapers on microfilm, & stuff like that. Every now & then I might dig out a folder & look through, or if someone in the family passes away I might copy the obit or something, but I haven't done much serious searching in years. I suppose I got tagged the family historian because I spent a lot of time hanging out with my grandmother, who lived across the road from the old homeplace, & I knew all the old folks in the family when my cousins my age didn't. Anyway, this week I've corresponded with Barry a few times & have learned a lot I didn't know about that branch of the family. There's a lot to learn yet - though I am in no hurry, I kind of like getting more info as it trickles in. That way it's not boring. The best part about that has been catching up.

Wednesday night I went to a nuclear medicine educational meeting in Nashville after work - so glad I wasn't fighting sleep - & that gave me time to catch up with my friend Cindy. This coming weekend we have another nuc med meeting to go to, & that should be fun too.

Thursday night Rachel had a piano lesson, then on Friday she had a recital, which I baked about 100 pigs in blankets for. So, yes, it's been quite an eventful week. I am ever so thankful for the CPAP. It is definitely a blessing. No way I could've made it through 2 trips through the mall, a trip to my grandmother's in Greenbrier, shopping in Springfield, & doing some laundry here at home today without it.

Well, it is really, really late so I am gonna hit the hay - & the CPAP. More later, sometime, maybe.

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