Friday, April 20, 2007

You gotta have faith.

Well, I don't know if you've GOT to have faith, but it sure helps.

Am I the only one who does this? Surely not...anyway, here's what I've spent the last hour doing. This week, I would describe myself as finding new faith in my life. Does that sound strange? It doesn't to me, because back in the early 1990's when Randy & I were young newlyweds living in Madisonville, KY, we went to a church where the pastor, John Faircloth, used that line just about every week. When the invitation was extended, after inviting those who needed salvation, he would say, "or if you're finding new faith in your life..." So this week I've had that thought in my head a lot. I thought, I think I'm going to Google that pastor. So I did. And I spent an hour doing it. I found out a lot of things. From 2000 to 2006, he pastored in Champaign, IL. His older daughter, Liz, is a minister. I recall that he didn't really want her to be a minister, but he said, "It's not really my decision - it's God's decision & if that's what He wants her to do, I can't say no." His younger daughter is a photographer. His wife worked with the Red Cross in Madisonville, & Randy worked with her on projects from time to time. But where they are right now, I don't know. if you know, tell me. I'd like to say hello.

So, let me stop with the time-wasting search for a family on the 'Net. I have a lot of other stuff to do today, like wash dishes, clothes, shop, pick up the dog from the vet (I hope she's better!!!) & make yogurt. And I really want to sit here & do nothing except look for people online. But back to that first paragraph. I really have been finding new faith in my life this week. I hadn't been spending time in God's Word. I hadn't even been praying very much. I didn't feel that I couldn't pray - I know God knows what I need even more than I do, & I guess lately I've just had a hard time asking Him for anything. I knew something was missing, though. I couldn't grasp it by following anyone else's example. I had to turn back to God, read His Word, & ask for His peace. HE is good. He is faithful to answer our prayers. I have seen reminders of what I have to do: to focus on the good, to stay on the narrow path.

I think it is too easy to stray off the path. I've spent a lot of time worrying about the length of my hair or the type of shoes I should wear with skirts. Maybe God does care about those things, but I think more importantly He cares about US. To paraphrase I Cor. 13, if I wear the right clothing but I don't love others, then I am missing the point. If I put huge offerings in the plate but won't give my neighbor a loaf of bread, I'm missing the point. If I spend hours reading Christian websites but don't give my children my attention when they want to talk, then I'm definitely missing the point. I suppose the same could be said for writing about faith instead of washing the dishes for my family.

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