Friday, January 05, 2007

I'd blog more often, but. . .

not that I'm apologizing...

Actually, I've had some problems logging on to the "New" Blogger. I think things have improved so hopefully, I WILL blog more often!!!

Our kids went back to school yesterday, so we're officially back to the old grind. I usually don't work on Friday, but I'm working today.

I can tell that CMT's been playing a lot of "Hee Haw," because I'm getting a LOT of e-mails about the show these days. I don't really mind - it's one of my favorite subjects - it's just kind of funny how for months I didn't answer a single question, & now I'm getting a lot. I've been happy that CMT's airing some of the pre-1974 shows this go-round. I have said before, I'm a huge fan of Don Rich and if it weren't for Don I wouldn't have even started a "Hee Haw" website. SO...I'm enjoying those early shows!

I'm late getting ready for work so I've got to run. Maybe more later.

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