Monday, January 01, 2007

He makes all things new!

Happy New Year! May God bless you richly in 2007!!!

I'm not off to a bouncy new start. I slept fitfully, being awakened by fighting cats & dreaming about being unable to find Derek after school. I don't remember if I took my nighttime meds before going to bed. Anyway, one cup of orange juice, one cup of coffee, approximately 1 Pop-Tart (I give the dog as much of it as I eat, so I guess out of a 2-Pop-Tart package, I got one) & 40 minutes of reading blogs later, I'm conscious, at least. I haven't walked the dog yet. I think the full circle would be a good start to my resolution to exercise more.

My aunt Sandra, who is very superstitious, said she won't be doing ANY cleaning today because she doesn't want to spend the whole year cleaning. I think spending this day cleaning might be best for me. I was sick to my stomach yesterday so I didn't do much of anything except washing the dishes. Well, that's not really ALL I did yesterday, but it's why I didn't do much here. We went to church in the morning. Randy & the kids went to his mom's, & I went to the grocery store. During my shopping spree I had bad stomach cramps again, for the fourth time in 2 or 3 days. After I got home, I took a 2 hour nap. After that, we went to the home of a couple from church last night for a card game, which I really enjoyed.

So, today I have to pick up Rachel from her friend's house, where she spent last night, & I have to drop off a present, pick up some checks from our church treasurer & get a few things ready to put into the mail tomorrow. I know the mail won't run tomorrow because of Gerald Ford's holiday (or whatever they call it), but I don't want to wait too long & forget to put these things in the mail. Other than that, I just need to do the usual getting ready for the week. I know my house won't be decluttered in a day, but it needs a lot of help. I just wanted to write first, because I tend to put it off & not do any writing if I wait.

I found another blog I like this morning. This young lady looks 15 years younger than me, but surely she's older than that - she's got 5 kids & 1 on the way! Anyway, this blog is named Consider it Done, which is a tribute to one of her favorite authors & mine, Jan Karon. The blog's NOT all about Jan Karon, it's about a mom's life! I like it though, so I'm adding her blog to my list, as well as updating the list with the CORRECT URL's for the ones I already have there. You may notice that all my blog "heroes" are moms of many. Well, many compared to me with my two. Again, this is a "if I could do it over...I might change too much!" I think if I had it to do over I wouldn't have used birth control & I'd have been more open to having as many kids as God wanted for me. But, I also think if God had wanted me to have more children, He would've given Randy that desire & Randy does NOT have it. He wanted two. He had a vasectomy after we had two. I later needed a hysterectomy & we saw that if I had become pregnant again, I might not have survived. Now that we are over 39, overweight, and both diabetics, I doubt we would pass a health requirement for adoptive parents. So, I guess God wanted me to have two children. They are currently 14 & almost 12.

NO, I DEFINITELY REALIZE THAT PETS ARE NOT THE SAME, but I also have four pets (three cats, ages 3 months, 5 years & at least 13, and a dog, approximately 8 yrs old) who live with us & light up our lives while we protect theirs. There are a lot of little ones in my life. I have 2 nieces & 2 nephews, ranging in age from 4 to 17. Three of my best friends have young children - there are seven ages 2 to 10. Currently I am strongly & prayerfully considering taking a post as Sunday School teacher for the very young children, so that I can be more involved in the spiritual lives of youngsters. Later this month Randy & I will be taking our older youth to a conference in Nashville. I have an 81-year-old grandmother & a 79-year-old granddaddy whom I visit frequently (along with my parents). My grandmother needs my help more than my granddaddy does, so I do spend time doing things for her. I also have a part-time job in a cardiology office and an avocation as a writer, and I enjoy needlework, candlemaking, cooking & learning about cooking healthy. I live a life that is very full & rich. I admire folks who can do more than I can!!!

So, for now I'm going to get off the computer & start working on this house. Later!!!

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