Saturday, January 06, 2007

I am everyday people.

This morning I watched the American Masters on Annie Leibovitz. Wow, what an artist. I've always admired her work. Just because my lifestyle is a million miles from someone's doesn't mean I can't appreciate their talent. While some of her work may have been controversial, she's undeniably one of the best photographers of the last century.

I felt a little like an underachiever after watching that. Not a lot...when she was my age, she'd done a lot, but she didn't become a mom until age 50. When I'm 50, I'll have a lot more experiences to talk about too. Who knows what the next ten years will bring. The last ten have certainly been interesting.

Today I took Rachel to the Adams Schoolhouse Cafeteria & the Country Pantry store near Guthrie, KY. (I don't know this blogger, but I do find her blog kind of interesting, mainly because I am really familiar with her part of the world! We passed the Stage Coach Inn on the way too. Also, in addition to the pink elephant, just around the corner on US 79 there's a big cow with glasses. I don't have a photo to post but I'll get one.) It was our first trip to the Bell School since I got out of selling antiques & collectibles nearly a year ago. The food is just as good as always. Rachel didn't feel good after we went to the store so we came home. I wanted to take her shopping for a nice dress for her cruise coming up next month, but she turned down the opportunity to shop, so she must've really been sick. On the way home she asked a lot of questions about the Amish & expressed an interest in knowing more about them. I'm no expert, but I suggested the books by Beverly Lewis.

This evening I cleaned out the refrigerator & Randy stir-fried some chicken & beef with the rice left over from last night. It was really good. Now I have to finish washing the dishes - I had something soaking over there. Later!!!

It's been a pretty ordinary day, but I enjoyed it.

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Genevieve said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the (few) things I've written about Guthrie. Thanks for visiting.