Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Everything is beautiful, in its own way...

Today I've been on a media hunt and didn't do any of the grading I planned to do, so I feel like sharing some of the music and videos I've had on my mind:

I tweeted tonight about the first album I remember someone buying for ME and me alone (not one I had to share with my mom):

Everything is Beautiful

I colored in his teeth and wrote on it too... I saw no reason I shouldn't back then.  Do I regret it?  Come on.  I was four.

Here's a song I discovered just the other day.  Though I have no real memory of this song, I do remember other songs that came out around this time like "Philadelphia Freedom" and "Best of My Love."  The former was my favorite song for a long, long time.  At the same time of my life, I totally idolized Billie Jean King, and wrote about how I wanted to be "just like her" when I grew up.  After all, this song was written for her and her tennis team, called the "Philadelphia Freedoms."  Hey, it took guts for a woman to play against a man in tennis back then.  She did a lot for the ladies.  Female athletes have a lot for which to thank Billie Jean.  But back to Disco Tex... I don't know how I managed to miss out on this for so long.

Last year, classic country artist Bobby Bare got into the Country Music Hall of Fame.  He was also on a recently re-played Hee Haw, and I started looking into the family and their records and stuff I remembered, and stuff I didn't remember, you know, stuff... well, I found these clips I want to share.

Daddy, What If?

Singin' in the Kitchen

These were from an old country show I'm not familiar with called "They Called it Macaroni."  It's kind of fun to look in the crowd and see all the smoking taking place.  We might have that again with e-cigs soon.

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