Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I need money, that's what I want.

I need money.  Please send money. 

You don't really have to send money. 

I would post on Facebook but I know a few folks who would see it and might get the wrong idea.  I need a nuc med job because I could make an additional $20K a year give or take.  I am not excited about teaching this year, but it's mostly because I need more money than I make teaching AND doing CNA work... which I have been doing and I can't pay the bills.  My son needs $11K in dental work (and no, my d@%# insurance doesn't pay for it BECAUSE it's congenital... go figure) and my daughter needs a vehicle.  I JUST FINISHED PAYING FOR MY CAR THIS MONTH.  I have to start paying student loans soon and I owe my mother-in-law $7000 for work my husband had done on his truck and our new central heat and air unit.  (She's not pressing us for the money AT ALL but I said that to say, we can't borrow money from her.)  I applied for a nuc med job and an instructional technology job today.  I hope one of them comes through.  Both would pay enough. 

We started cutting back on stuff, like HBO and much of our home phone service (we kept it though, so I can keep faxing).  We cut about $70 a month out, and we were ready to cut out the $100 Y but Rachel uses it, so we're waiting for her to get her own account.  Geez... I am ready to scream.

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Keith Cooper said...

Thanks for the info on Frank Sutton! I'm a musician as well and a computer programmer. My wife and I are cat lovers, but have none right now :(.

Keep writin' y'all!

Keith and Cheryl Cooper
Tampa, FL