Saturday, February 11, 2012

You gotta have faith.

I have wasted much of this day. That would be all right if I'd had the time to lose, but when you get to be 44 and in the first few years of a career that could potentially take 60 hours a week, and you're in grad school which could potentially take 12 hours a week (or more), there's not much wiggle room. So today I TOTALLY FORGOT that there was a youth group spaghetti dinner tonight until 3 hours before it was to begin... and of course nobody knew the time so I assumed it was 5. Got up there to start boiling spaghetti at 4:30 and nobody was there. Nice. So I came back.

Most of the day I've been in a rotten mood even though I tried very hard not to be. I tried feeding all my needs - enough caffeine, protein, etc. This morning I asked myself what I needed to do to get out of my funky mood and the Partridge Family theme came into my mind. "C'mon, get happy!!!"

Well, for awhile I did okay. Then Randy told me about the spaghetti dinner, WHICH he's not attending with me because he's gone to Outback with his mom. It's the annual UK vs Vandy game, and they're eating out before that. I really wouldn't have wanted him to miss that for the spaghetti dinner. I'd just completely forgotten.

As I was leaving the church (the first time, remember... gotta go back in a few), I thought, what am I gonna do with an hour??? And I saw the sign on the church... "You can do more in one hour with God than in a lifetime without Him." I came home and said, "OK, God, I've got an hour. Can You help a girl out here?" So I've put away folded clothes, written all this, eaten Girl Scout cookies... and I have a few more minutes. You gotta have faith.

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