Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You make me feel brand new...

My brand new computer, that is... it's really nice.

Another semester has begun and I'm already tired, and wondering if I'll survive, but it's actually been OK so far. I bring home work to grade every day and I don't get it done. I still look for the elusive money-making job, but I've decided (after spending a bunch of money) that I'm not going to try nursing school or even being a CNA. It's not for me. My neuropathy is acting up so much. Between controlling my blood sugar and using a TENS unit, I'm doing a lot better, though. The TENS unit really works!

I'm not staying up to grade tonight, either. I had good intentions, but between trying to get my new computer and my old one to communicate (not an easy feat, considering that the old one's screen isn't working anymore and had to be hooked up, flipped around, rebooted and re-battery'ed, for lack of a better word) and re-ordering a book for an online class, I have shot the evening. BUT...I got the files transferred.

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