Friday, February 11, 2011

Lazy day...

Today was snow day 13 - I think??? I may be wrong about that, but I know that we have three days to make up. We'll probably work on Presidents' Day, or maybe on Memorial Day, or lose part of spring break. I'm resting up today, because I expect tomorrow to be busy, and Sunday probably will too.

What's on my mind today is not the most popular opinion. Feminist followers won't like it, but then, my blog is named for my role as somebody's wife. Today I did some cleaning and realized, I have been a poor homemaker. I don't do much to make this house a home. For years, while I worked in a career that was high-paying, but not really fulfilling for me personally, I spent way too much time online looking for what I thought would be my true calling. I wanted a job where I could spend more time with my children, but ironically, I spent less time with them. Oh, we had a lot of good times together, but I regret those wasted days I can't get back. I tried mystery shopping, selling Avon, transcribing historical records, selling antiques, making candles, studying reflexology and herbology, even baking. I did have a desire to learn things about my great-grandmother and those generations who came before...good mothers.

Well, I am not going to spend any more time writing today. I'm getting up to work on my portion of dinner. The rock star is grilling tonight, but he's not home yet.

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