Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My soul's like a wheel that's turning.

So in all of this, I have had some interesting insights.

A day or two ago, I read a little in one of Shonda Parker's books, about how we have the ability to be content in our sufferings, as Paul was in Philippians. I guess I had never thought much about it...being content in all circumstances, because we can do everything through Christ, who strengthens us. In the past, I had found that verse about doing everything to be overwhelming, like an excuse to load me up with things to do. This time the part about contentment stuck out for me. God just wants me to be CONTENT where I am.

A few weeks ago I made some peace with the fact that I got laid off way back when. I got to thinking that some of the bad events of 2009 and 2010 would've still happened even if I had been at Vandy. Granddaddy's death had nothing to do with where I worked. Tracey's didn't either. I probably would've kept working out, but I might have even been worse off if I'd been working at Vandy when I hurt my foot, and that was part of how I put on weight. I could very well have done that at Rachel's graduation or some other event. So, I can't blame all this on Vandy, even if I miss the money a whole lot. This makes me feel a bit more content teaching. Of course, having two weeks off is nice too.

When I felt that God wanted me to be a teacher, I had been thinking maybe He was calling me to some form of ministry. I could maybe see myself being a lay speaker but never a church pastor. I don't like confrontation that much. I think singing is my ministry and teaching is a way I can have a little time during summers & winter breaks to do it.

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