Friday, May 02, 2008

tryin' to get to you

I cannot update my web pages to let people know about the death of Jim Hager, who rose to fame with "Hee Haw." My host must be having problems. I really cannot say enough about my web host, iPowerWeb...this is the first time I've been unable to log on in the six years I've been using them.

Thanks to an upcoming birthday & last week's "tax-free weekend" I now own a laptop computer, which has pretty much done nothing except take up my evenings since I got it. Oh, I have wanted a laptop for a long time, in hopes of finding time to update my webpages & write more fiction. So far, I haven't done much except download my money management software & copying a few more programs that I won't be using on my old computer anymore. Vista won't let me use EVERYTHING I use to make my pages but I'm working on getting it all together again. Now I just need the host to let me get back on!

Life has been strange the last few weeks. I wrote about why I didn't have much time to blog last month. Well, I think everyone's getting better, if they're not well yet. Even the kids & I have had colds, sniffles, backaches, toothaches...& our flexible benefit card hasn't been about craziness.

I am not dealing really well with life this week. You can tell when I'm not dealing well with life because I play a lot of spider solitaire. However, I seem to be getting a little better. I actually watched both last week's & this week's "ER"s while I tried to update the webpage. I installed some programs & tried to do a few more things. Anyway, now I need to go to bed. I will write again soon.

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