Monday, September 17, 2007

No way to slow down

I don't have much time for bloggin' these days. I'm deep into the new job, which really doesn't take me away from home a LOT more than the old one did, but the hours it takes me away are those in the early morning. I'm not that much later in the evenings, but I'm pretty worn out when I get here. So far, we are still living in that "limbo" where we've had to make it two weeks on one week's pay. For a long time, our family moments together (especially between me & Randy) have been tense because we need things we can't afford, like new clothes & shoes & sometimes, other more pressing needs like toilet paper. We are going to survive, though. This coming Thursday Randy gets paid & I get paid on Friday, and this time, I get a full two-weeks paycheck.

Gotta hit the road.

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