Thursday, August 02, 2007

just a hunka, hunka burning love! AAAAHHHH!!!

Thirty years ago this month, Elvis Presley died in Memphis. I don't worship Elvis - never did - but grew up a fan & still appreciate his music. So far this month, I have been titling my journal entries with lyrics from Elvis' songs. The idea just carried over to my blog too.

My day got broken into parts. After Rachel got the braces off, we got to the driver's license station & realized we had neither the attendance form from school nor the birth certificate. So, we picked up the birth certificate at the bank & came back home. We're not eating out now. That's all right. We ate leftover chicken & potatoes & mac & cheese. Once Rachel finishes lunch, we'll head back to Springfield & she'll take the test, then get the retainer while Derek sees the orthodontist.

I discovered a good blog while I've been waiting for them to finish up: Holy Experience. I found the link on Carla's blog, one of my favorites, as most of my readers know. I live a boring & dull life by comparison! But I do appreciate her blog & those she suggests because I need all the inspiration I can get.

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