Friday, August 10, 2007

It's now or love won't wait!!!

I'm still waiting.

This week has been interesting. Still no word from "X." I didn't expect to hear anything Wednesday, but deep down, I hoped to yesterday. I know it's still a bit early, but I just want this whole thing over with. My current job has been all right this week. It's been extremely slow, which is usually harder for me because it magnifies any tensions that might exist. There's been some tension between some of the employees, but I've been blissfully uninvolved in that.

On Tuesday I mentioned Granny falling & having some problems. Well, she woke up Wednesday morning talking like her old self. Thank God for that! She is still in the hospital, because they are trying to do some physical therapy to make her get up & down & around better. She doesn't do anything but sit in the recliner - she can barely get to the bathroom or stand in the kitchen to fix herself a sandwich. Her neighbors bring her meals, as do most of the rest of us from time to time. Hopefully they will help her get some strength so she can do more for herself. It's good to know that mentally, she's doing pretty good for 82.

I was wrong about today's visit - they're going to the DENTIST instead of the orthodontist.

As soon as Randy gets out of the shower it'll be my turn so I'd better get ready. Meanwhile, enjoy the new You Tube video (thanks to Pamela at A Christian Home for sharing that) & pray for the miners & their families.

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