Thursday, July 26, 2007

more of the same

I'm borrowing again...since I don't have much news yet...finding the beauty in the small everyday things...

What I see... earlier today, I saw the little black kitty lying on the footstool in a little ball. A favorite sight.

What I smell... nothing. Really!

What I hear... Randy demonstrating that the electric screwdriver works fine now. It wasn't on the charger correctly before.

I'm wearing... blue sweat pants & Randy's old Beachaven Winery t-shirt (from his days working there)

I've been watching... ummm...earlier I watched "The Office." I also watched Hope Hines' interview with Sterling Marlin.

The garden... hasn't done much since the other day.

School... 7th grade parent night is a week from tomorrow. I don't get this Friday night parent night thing...kind of unusual. At least there's not a football game.

in the kitchen... had KFC tonight.

What's in the CD player: nothing at the moment, because I took out the CD of some of my favorite songs from high school & before.

What I'm reading: I was reading a lot of Amish novels by Beverly Lewis & Wanda Brunstetter, but I've kind of burned myself out on them, so I've just been reading old magazines. I throw out a lot of them, but I keep all the old Oxford Americans, some of the old Utne Readers, & many of the Southern Livings.

Projects going on around the house: I finished relocating the patio this afternoon. In case you are wondering how I did that, let me explain. My patio is made of individual paver blocks, & I moved several of them over. This makes room for expanding the driveway. Of course, I have to wait awhile for that - Miss Rachel's birthday takes my extra change this week, & then after that's the car insurance, & after that, finally, I should be able to re-rock the driveway. Between now & then, I am making a brick edge for the rest of the driveway.

I have a week off work, which will go by really, really fast, but I will enjoy it.

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