Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good morning, Captain

Do YOU remember Captain Kangaroo? We watched him & Mr. Green Jeans every morning. I wonder what my mother thought of that. I should remember to ask her sometime. Wasn't there a Dancing Bear on that show?

Well, I'm not writing about the Captain this morning. I'm just up early, but never early enough. Nights take a long time here, what with teenagers who never want to go to bed (but someone's got to make them - even if I have to catnap & send them to bed at a decent hour) & a husband who practices with a band some nights & isn't home to send them to bed at a decent hour. I am so thankful for my CPAP. Before I got that - during the school year - I was falling asleep on the way to work. I can survive on slightly less sleeping time now.

I like getting up early, while it's quiet here in the house. I forgot to turn on the morning news today, but I usually watch that while I'm doing "morning things." I balance the checkbook, read some newspapers online, & lately, blog. I walk the dog. I shower & do the usual morning stuff. Randy doesn't get up until I've been up awhile.

I have hinted that some things might change soon (see July 15 entry). Mornings will definitely change if that happens. My mornings will have to start a LOT earlier. By that time school will be back in session so I shouldn't have the summertime bedtime issues. Their mornings will start a lot earlier too. For our efforts, I believe we'll see some rewards. But, all that's still up in the air. What if things don't change? Then something else will change. Change is inevitable.

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