Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tonight's the night we'll make history

Tonight is the 22nd anniversary of my high school graduation. I doubt very seriously I'll make history tonight, but I imagine that everyone who attended my graduation remembers it well.

That afternoon there came a big storm. The lights were off all over Greenbrier. I had to be at the school at a certain time, probably 4 o'clock or so, & I got the first shower of the evening. Just after that, the water heater broke. So, when I left the house, I wasn't sure if any of my family would be there to see me graduate.

When I got to the school the power was off. Mr. Evetts, the vice principal (also known as "Rabbit") said we might have to reschedule until the next day. John Elmore, a big football player (& now an assistant football coach there) towered over him & said, "No, I have reservations in Florida tomorrow night, & I'm going down there with my diploma."

Well, my family made it, we graduated, John went to Florida, & the lights came on - just as they called my name. I'll bet a couple of people might even remember that too. I got a big cheer.

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