Sunday, April 01, 2007

Here I go again...

The hair issue again.

Actually, I've come to a decision. I discussed this with the man of the house, who gave his honest opinion. He doesn't like it much the way it is. He prefers me with shorter, blonder hair. In the past we have discussed how short he likes it. I've outgrown the pixie. He's not a fan of the spikey do or bedhead. However, he likes what I call "the way a lot of women my age wear their hair" - fairly short in the front & flipped up in the back. My hair curls naturally when it's cut that way. So, I guess that's how it's gonna be. For those of you who don't know me, or haven't seen me in awhile, this hairstyle is basically what my hair looked like in the picture below. Right now, it's somewhat longer & . . . well, it's just not very pretty.

I realize some people will think it's just terrible for me to cut my hair. If they could really see my hair like it is now, they wouldn't feel that way. The picture up above on the right isn't very good; the lighting in here leaves a lot to be desired. Trust me, it is just not attractive in the least. I realize my goal isn't to be attractive to everyone else. However, I don't think my goal should be to become dog ugly to the rest of the world either. The main thing here is this: I should wear my hair the way my husband likes it. I think that's simple enough.

Hair length can be (and often is) debated. I have mentioned the 11th chapter of I Corinthians before. There's mention of women having long hair, shorn hair, headcoverings, and having a sign of authority. Headcoverings and hair length and cultural norms and customs can all be debated. But a married woman being submissive to her husband isn't really up for debate. (No, I don't think women ought to stay with abusive husbands. Husbands really shouldn't be abusing their wives.) There are just a few verses about hair. There are a lot more verses about the relationships between husbands & wives. So...the hair is gonna go. But only part of the way.

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