Saturday, March 31, 2007

And I will sing a lullaby...

Not. That's just another lyric from that song in the last post, of which this is a continuation...

So I got to the part where I decided that I was going to stop trying to find more work. Like I said, it's hard to pinpoint the exact moment I got interested in holistic health. It's equally hard to pinpoint the exact moment some recent (& very pleasant!) changes began. I noticed tonight that I am really much more organized now than I used to be. I've organized the garage, the living room, the bathroom & the kitchen - all in the last couple of months. I'm not saying my house is perfect, but I'm not ashamed to have people visit anymore. I wouldn't want anyone to go in the garage right now, but that's because - & this is also one reason I'm not ashamed to have folks over - Randy put the new laminate flooring in last week so the living room looks great. The boxes, wrappers, foam we used as drop cloth, etc. are cluttering up the garage. But only until next week when Randy takes them to the dump. Today he had to work on the yard & ran out of time for a dump trip.

Last year, I finally got rid of my "side business." I wasn't making a lot of money & it wasn't worth the trouble of keeping up all the mess for my taxes. So I finally "closed" it. I closed the checking account. And earlier this month, I closed the P.O. box in Adams. There was a sense of finality when that happened. I can't say I was sorry. I did feel a little twinge, though, remembering the day I moved the stuff to the antique mall, & the thrill I had when I sold things like the school desk & the antique thermometer.

With all the scares about contaminated food (for people AND pets), I have really been trying to eat a little healthier this weekend. I may never be perfect there either, but I really want to try. So I've been working on a little vegetable garden.

I guess, in some ways, I HAVE come back home.

Can I please ask one favor from you before I go to bed? My mom is sick. Now, she's a survivor. She's survived breast cancer (13 years now!), being hit by a car, & being robbed at gunpoint. She's been through divorce, death of an ex-husband (only a few months after their divorce), & a lot of other bad situations. And she always comes out looking none the worse for wear! But right now she is really sick & it appears to be related to her liver. We don't know exactly why. Best case scenario - Tylenol toxicity. Not that Tylenol toxicity's a good thing, but she's already stopped the Tylenol & perhaps the damage can be stopped before it gets any worse. Worst case - not going there. You can read this paragraph & see what THAT could be.

Mom's not a drinker. She probably never even took a social drink until after she turned 40. We know it's not alcohol-related. But we don't know exactly what's wrong - just that something's wrong. So if you would, please pray for my mom, OK? She's trying hard not to worry, & I've been trying not to worry too. I will post more when I know more.

And thank you.

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