Friday, March 02, 2007

On the road again...

It's one of those days. I drove the kids to school. I drove home. I drove the neighbor to her niece's house (just a mile or so away, but she couldn't have walked that far), and drove home again. This afternoon I will pick the kids up, and drive back home. Then I have to drive back & pick up the kitten, who is at the vet getting "fixed." Then I will drive home again.

I am hoping at one point during this day to get to go about 10 miles from here to pick up some stuff someone offered on Freecycle...I really want those wire shelves for the garage.

After I bring the cat home, one of us will drive Rachel back to the school for a choir social, and I have to drive to Clarksville to run some errands & pick up my farm order. Maybe THEN I can park the car for a few hours. Oh, no. I forgot that she is planning to spend the night at a girl's house in Pleasant View. So I'll be driving again most likely, unless I can convince Randy that the Friday Night Card Players won't need him until afterward.

Tomorrow does not look any easier for me. I have made plans to "hang out" with one of my best friends, then Rachel needs a ride to - and from - a birthday party about 7 miles away tomorrow night. And of course we'll probably do our usual run to see all my family on Sunday. So much for resting on the weekend.

Sometime I have to wash clothes & do the usual weekly housework too...

My heart is heavy for the families of those killed by the tornadoes of the last couple days. I especially hurt for Enterprise, AL, which is one of those charming little towns we went through last summer when we took the first of what we hope will be many "post-yearbook camp" Florida trips. Randy's job takes him to Auburn, AL every summer for a couple of days & usually we go with him.

Well, life is too busy for blogging for me I hope everyone is doing well. I found some funny photos that I want to post on here sometime. I just can't do it today.

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