Sunday, December 10, 2006

Skipping church, among other things

Today we skipped church. Ooh, I know, that's bad. We got up planning to go, but after breakfast, we were all full & lazy. So here we are.

Randy cooked a great breakfast. Maybe it wasn't really good for us, but it tasted good. And, it was a pretty local breakfast too, overall. We had biscuits (from a can, only because we had a bunch left over from when Rach bought more than she needed to fix pigs in blankets for the colorguard party last week), sausage (from a farm just down the road - we know the family), bacon (commercial), country ham (don't know where it came from - I didn't buy it), butter, & eggs (from the Amish store in Guthrie). I had milk from the farm, & everyone else had store milk from Purity Dairy. I'm a firm believer in eating what grows close to you when you can.

Today we're going to Mama's, & Granny's, & probably right back to the house. Tomorrow, it's back to work, though I have a really light schedule again. I think I'll have more patients this week than last though.

We're getting an outbuilding this week too. I'm really excited about that. Randy is too. We need it. We've never used the old one much because (a) it was not really in a convenient location, (b) the door was always messed up so we couldn't use it for storing anything valuable, like a lawn mower, (c) it has been falling down for about 8 years, and (d) it's always been full of useless junk. So...we're getting a new one & tearing down the old one. That'll free up more room in the garage for craft stuff & things that take up a lot of room here in the house.

That's what's going on here in Chapel Corner this week...where the women are strong...wait a minute, that's Lake Wobegon. There's really not much else going on here.

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