Sunday, August 20, 2006

So tonight I'm sitting here while Randy cooks burgers on the grill. We're getting ready to lose some weight. Yes, I know I need to lose some pounds on my BODY but I'm actually planning to lose more than that, probably more than I weigh! How? I'm cleaning house. I'm selling the Gazelle (speaking of losing weight...) I'm getting rid of the Avon stuff, because I'm not going back to selling it. I'm giving away an old coffee table, two end tables, and a kids' table and chair set. Daddy is giving us a utility trailer (actually, he has already given it to us, but it blew a tire out about a mile from his house so we took it back until we can get a tire for it) and we're gonna haul stuff away. This will be my new hobby until we get it cleaned up!!!

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