Monday, July 10, 2006

Sometimes I get to see just how blessed I am.

Randy stayed home from work today and I came home to a very nice hot meal. It wasn't the healthiest meal - red meat & lots of carbs - but it was wonderful. I had a busy day. It wasn't horrible, but it had some adrenaline. Anyway, after a long day like that, it was nice to have dinner already cooked.

Next I have a band parent meeting to attend, and after that, I'll stop by the store & get a few necessities. The cupboard's not bare, but it's not full either.

After that, it's back here to prepare tomorrow's breakfast & supper, & the rolls & breadsticks for tomorrow's lunch at work. It's someone's birthday, but since she doesn't do the Internet I'm probably safe in assuming she won't know we're going to surprise her!!! LOL!!!

Well, I have to get ready to go. Later!!!


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