Friday, June 30, 2006

so it's been 2 weeks and i'm just now getting back to my blog. i've been out of town and then just being lazy after that. the rock star really did well. he got us this fantastic deal on this unbelievable rental house for our vacation. it is truly unbelievable. we got to see how the other half lives. i felt like a REAL rock star's wife, not just the wife of a medium sized native fish in a small pond a few minutes from the ocean. we could SEE the ocean from the third story of the house.

it was full of art and it had all the amenities. just two blocks from the beach, the view was spectacular. it was a long way from the usual shopping like wally world, but it was right around the corner from a planned community with fancy little shops. there were not so fancy shops too, like a bookstore and a yogurt shop. i think we had the lowest income within a fifteen mile radius. i didn't check on that, i am just judging by the number of nice cars, etc. and we're well above the poverty line. anyway, i thought we were vacationing like the kennedys and it was just a nice place.

and the beach! oh, goodness. i almost left out that part. clean, white sand, NO cigarette butts, no big crowds. no sharks!!! perfect.

coming home wasn't quite the depressing scenario i expected, though we did almost run out of gas and i had to ride in the back of a maury county sheriff patrol car to get some. that was an experience. the cop was cool. very nice. i didn't ask him if he knew sterling marlin. we were probably about 10 miles from his house.

so from the trip i made a couple of decisions:

1. i'm definitely going to do more writing
2. i'm definitely going to lose some weight, and
3. i'm going to get my hair back to the natural color.

even if it's white. i had to get a haircut yesterday, and it won't be long until it IS the natural color. it's not quite white yet.


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