Friday, April 07, 2017

What a day that will be

That's an old gospel standard, written by Jim Hill and part of the Speer family catalog. Today is a beautiful day and it's been good for me, because I got the results from the ARRT. I'm now a "real" MRI tech!  However, it's a sad day in southern gospel music, because Ben Speer slipped the surly bonds of earth less than an hour into this day.

I've written before about how southern gospel made me who I am today (among other genres) and in the last couple of days I've thought a lot about the "Old Time Singing Convention."  It was a simpler time, and even then I'm sure people thought we were headed to Hell in a hand basket compared to "old times."  I'll be 50 in a month, and I don't like thinking that my childhood was in the "good ole days," but things really HAVE changed! Like this blog. I'm sitting in the passenger side of Randy's truck on I-40 between Lebanon and Carthage, typing on a PHONE I hold in my hand and though the coverage here probably isn't great, I will be able to publish this online, worldwide, in a few minutes, for almost free, just the cost of my service plan. We're listening to a podcast from Randy's iPod.  I made this trip many times in the 1970s in the back seat of a Monte Carlo with an AM radio. Maybe we had an 8-track player. This band featured on the podcast was around in the 70s but we didn't know it yet (Big Star - that was a grocery store chain back then).

What a day, indeed.

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