Sunday, March 02, 2014

One more time for all of the old times!

Yesterday I worked in home health and in my free time (and afterward) I did some karaoke "hopping."  My first stop was Knight's Pizza in Greenbrier.  They need a web page!  Hey, if y'all are reading this and you need a web page, let me know by posting a reply to this post and I will get you started cheap! 

The next place I went, after work, was CJ's Grille in White House. These folks need a web page too, but they DO have a Facebook page.  I put the other link in just because I know not everybody does Facebook.  For that matter there are still a few people who don't use the Internet all the time like I do. 

All that singing had me in a great mood going from my first patient's house to my second and going home too, although by then the singing was over because the voice was tired.  Of course I really enjoy doing home health, but some days the driving gets tedious and occasionally I am in a lot of pain from beginning to end and sometimes the next day as well. 

Today there was church and then dinner at Logan's in Clarksville.  Since then it's been a day for curling up on the couch and halfway watching a movie with Randy (Machete Kills - wouldn't have been my choice, but it's got a huge cast and it's somewhat entertaining.  I would rate it NC17 for violence and language, but it's certainly not boring.). It's cold and rainy here, and we've just begun to get thunder.  Thunder snows are rare.  I haven't heard any sleet, but hopefully it will just go straight to 3 or 4 inches of snow and we won't have any of this "wintry mix" we keep hearing about.

The first time I remember hearing thunder when it was snowing was when I was almost 11.  Mom was very, very pregnant with Garner and that winter had been particularly bad.  It was 1978,one of those years we ran out of snow days and some of those snows were over six inches.  It was a sort of scary afternoon, and we needed our clothes washed, and we didn't have a washer and dryer in our apartment so we got in the VW and went to the laundromat in Greenbrier.  (Now, there is a laundromat within walking distance!)  Dad came up there looking for us because we weren't home and the weather was horrible.  Everything was all right.  We were just hurrying to get everything done so we could get home out of the elements.  By the way, the website I used for that 1978 link is pretty cool.  One can easily compare the data from the past to the future to see if they still believe in global warming, or just to prove that yes, dear, we did get deeper snows and more of them in the '70s.  Don't ask me why.

Here's a healthcare funny I might share with my students.  What if the doctor wore the johnny?

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