Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer's comin' and it's gettin' warmer

It's a line from "Runaway" by Jefferson Starship.  Love, love, love that song.

In less than a week I'll be celebrating the last day of school and the beginning of my summer vacation!!!  It promises to be an interesting summer.  D's having surgery, we're going out of town at some point, and I'm not taking classes.  I'm taking a break!

I find myself making summer resolutions, like some people make new year's resolutions.  I'm going to get the house cleaner, I'll say to myself, or I'm going to lose 10 pounds.  I'd like to do both this summer.  So begins a new "series" so to speak - Summer Improvements.  I'd like to write about what I'm doing and post photos of it too.  I have plenty of tech gadgets.  I've got a Kindle Fire, a laptop, an iPad (thanks, SHS) and a new iPhone.  I can post pics of anything.

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