Monday, May 21, 2012

S.I. Wk. 0 Day 3: They call me Dr. Love

No!  They really don't.  

I'm not a doctor or a nurse but I've had 26 years of healthcare experience.  Now I get questions... "What is this rash on my arm?"  "Do you have any bandaids?"  "I've got something stuck in my foot.  Do you have any tweezers?"  or... "There's a girl passed out in the bathroom floor!"  I don't mind that, really.  I am just as happy to be the computer MD.  I get questions there too, and half of them aren't the kind I can answer.  I mean, I know a lot about computers but I don't have the answers to everything.

I do miss health care.  All the while I was in nuclear medicine, I was looking for more... more money when I was working part-time, and when I was working full-time, I was looking for more to do with my life.  I knew I wasn't going to set the world on fire doing nucs, but I thought maybe I could catch a wave of some new treatment or discovery... even if it was an old remedy like discovering a new use for ginseng or something like that.  Then I got this job that really changed my life, first in a good way and then in a bad way, and now... well, you decide.  I went to work at Vanderbilt and thought that would make my life complete.  I loved it, and then I got laid off, and it's been a wild ride ever since.

So I spent time today looking for a part-time medical job.  I could be a CNA but with my feet the way they are, I don't think that would work, and I went into excruciating detail about nuc jobs last night.  Looks like I'll be spending my summer planning to be a better teacher, and there's nothing wrong with that.  Maybe I can make some extra money doing transcription.  I wonder if I could do any writing...

Today was the first day of exams.  I have a few who need to make up their exams and one who didn't come to school today.  I didn't have any foot trouble during the day but this afternoon and evening have been a different story.  I need some pain relief NOW.  I didn't improve anything here at home... but I've done a lot of thinking and maybe that is a step in the right direction.

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