Friday, July 08, 2011

The long and winding road

that leads to McMinnville...that's where Randy and I went today. We had a blast. I really enjoyed hanging out with him today and I think he enjoyed being with me too. He played a bunch of Elvis on his iPod. We went to get airbags for Rachel's CRV. We ate at a little place called Wilma Jean's Kitchen. YUM. It was awesome! Fried fish, potato bites, and some of the best white beans ever. Oh, yes, and cornbread. We topped that off with pie. I had chess pie like my granny used to make and Randy had chocolate cream pie. We shared our desserts, but I preferred the chess.

I know, I don't need all that fattening, sweet stuff, but I sure enjoyed it. Generally when we eat like that we don't do supper, maybe sandwiches or something. I haven't even been hungry and it's 9 pm.

After all that driving, though, it was good to get home. Took us about all day!!!

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