Friday, November 26, 2010

takin' care of business

so today i am at the y. i have no capital letters and little punctuation on this phone. as a writer, this bothers me.

thankful. really thankful.

saw a saying that really spoke to me the other day. it said, when there is no song in your heart, sing anyway. oh the times these past two years when i have had no song and did not feel like singing.

another moment...sitting at a red light listening to pandora radio and this song about going through the motions came on...i dont recall all the words but it said something about not wanting to look back on life and say what if i had given it all, instead of going through the motions.

no question marks either on this phone...

after my doctor visit wednesday i realized i miss health care somewhat. i dont feel i should quit teaching at this point for many reasons, not the least of which is the lack of nuc med jobs. i like some things about teaching anyway. i would like to pick up extra cash. i could teach some cpr classes. after talking to a student and getting dazzling remarks about my writing from a professor, i thought about trying to do some freelance medical writing. today i also feel i need to try to pick up some nursing home singing gigs.

i know that sounds like a lot. compared to the last two years, its a breeze.

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Michelle said...

Hey, it sounds like we have something in common. I came from the healthcare arena also, pharmacy.
So, I do understand missing health care.