Wednesday, February 18, 2009

riders on the storm

As I predicted, my storm isn't over.

First the good news. Mom is doing as well as can be expected. Heck, in my opinion, she's doing better than anybody expected! She got through the radiation treatments & now she's back to work & getting stronger every day.

The bad news - and you knew there would be some - is that my job has been about as stressful as it could possibly be. This job I wished for and dreamed of, this job that was supposed to be our way of the hole we were in and into security - for our kids & their dreams of driving and going to college, for me & Randy to get some of our debts paid, this job that was going to be the one I would retire from - may be disappearing. They tell us somebody's going. Frankly, I think it looks pretty grim.

The what & the why will come later. I don't want to get into all that right now. I am just a little tired of being on the edge.

I think we will know Friday afternoon. That's when we will have the big meeting. I am off until Friday morning at 7. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous or scared, but, I have faith & I have friends, & I have my family, & I will do something. Maybe I can go back to mystery shopping or doing PRN work or selling antiques. Maybe there will be more nursing home singing jobs. If I am available every day, who knows? I would still like to make my CD I've been planning. Maybe I'll sell some copies of that. Randy has the option of taking the insurance for us, & we will be all right.

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