Saturday, November 24, 2007

Time won't give me time

Remember that song? Boy George? Oh, I won't go there. I can't say I own a single Culture Club song - unless maybe there's one on a compilation CD I got somewhere - but those were all over the airwaves during my teen years, & I liked them well enough then.

Anyway, I chose today's title because my four-day weekend's half over & I have a few things to do & what I REALLY want to do is curl up & go back to sleep. It's cold outside. Oh, I am not complaining there. It was SO hot, for SO long, back in July & August, & this kind of weather is a welcome blessing. I just feel like hibernating when it's cold outside & I've just left my cozy bed.

I won't bore you with my to-do list today. I have a few little things I NEED to do & several things I SHOULD do. Strangely enough, a few of those "shoulds" actually conflict with each other. Here's what I mean. I SHOULD prepare a healthy breakfast for the family, none of whom have gotten out of bed yet, the time being 8:25 AM. Really, though, at this point I SHOULD only eat small but nutritious snacks if I get hungry & put off my next real meal until after 1 pm. Then when I go back to work Monday, hopefully I won't get ravenously hungry at completely inconvenient times.

I guess I COULD let 'em eat cereal this morning & wait until tomorrow to make whole wheat waffles. Or, maybe I could prepare the waffles for lunch. Oh, I am not going to worry about what I will eat. I'm not supposed to do that anyway. Instead I'll be thankful that I have choices to make! That there's enough food - and here in the house! - so that I don't HAVE to worry about it!

I didn't put the tree up yesterday, but I think I will today. In fact, I guess I'd better get moving so I can get the tree (& all that other stuff) down from the attic. But first, to walk the dog.

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