Friday, August 03, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!!!

I took a long shot gamble a few minutes ago. I talked to one of the techs at "Job X." I learned that the reason I haven't been offered the job is because I told them I wouldn't be free until the first week of September. If someone else gets that job because of that, that would be one more reason to dislike my current job. None of the techs want new grads in there, but they're not making the final decision. So I sent an e-mail & said, basically, but in more polite & flowery words, OK. You give me the job, & I'll be there in two weeks. I don't expect to hear anything until Monday, but I bet I'll hear something soon after that, good or bad.

I hate not to give the docs at my current job enough time to find someone else, but I am willing to work for them on my days off (and work 50 hours a week for awhile, possibly) until they do find someone. But this is something I have to do, and they have to understand, the opportunity to help get my kids through college trumps almost everything else. I'm not even mentioning some of the other reasons I have, all valid, but I'm not ready to publish them on the World Wide Web. Maybe later.

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